microwave turntable centerWelcome to MicrowaveTurntable.org – my name is Angela. I’ve had microwaves over the years and have NEVER broken a glass microwave turntable until last week — and I didn’t just break it, I pulverized it. You see I was on a rare cleaning binge — had just finished cleaning my glass cooktop and started on my over-the-range microwave.

This particular microwave isn’t a direct vent, meaning it’s not vented to the outside, it just recirculates. Since it recirculates the filter needs somewhat regular cleaning so I started there. Well moving on, common sense would tell you not to pick up an awkwardly-sized, slightly heavy glass microwave turntable with wet hands — this is exactly what I did.

Not only did I drop it but it hit the edge of my granite counter top on the way down and completely missed the rug runner I have in front of my stove. Because I have porcelain tile floors, it shattered in no less than a gazillion pieces (so much for tempered glass).

Ever try to get through several days without using your microwave? I didn’t realize how much I depended on it until it was out of order for a couple of days.

Well, the first thing I did was get the owner’s manual for my microwave which took a little digging to find. I found the part number for my G.E. Profile Microwave and went to the G.E. website — big mistake. Buying directly from the manufacturer is pretty ridiculous when you can get a better deal just about any place else.

This website was put together to help all those other individuals sometimes challenged by speed, dexterity and just plain common sense. I’ve since gotten a new turntable and will likely be finding a few elusive glass shards from the old one for the next 5 years.

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